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  Crescent Moon Spring

Brief / profile
Crescent Moon Spring is a great wonder in the desert with the length of 100 meters and the width of 25 meters. Surrounded by hills and Alamos, the spring has a light-blue and clear water.


It’s an oasis in Gobi Desert about 5 kilometers from the south of Dunhuang City, Gansu Province.

Why got its this name

It got this name due to its crescent moon shape.
Legend and Story
It’s said that there was a conflict between the Sand Immortal and the White Cloud Fairy in a night. The White Cloud Fairy won at last owing to the help of Chang’e from Heaven and the bright moon. The moon became the Crescent Moon Spring after the dust dropped.

Present condition

Crescent Moon Spring shrank due to the sandstorm these years. The local government has taken some








measures to protect the local ecological environment. Measures worked to some extent, but still could not prevent the gradually dropping water level of the Crescent Moon Spring.


There’re buses which can take you directly to the scenic spot from the downtown area. In addition, you can also take a taxi or rent a bicycle.
Admission fee.
The admission fee is RMB 120 including the admission of the Crescent Moon Spring and the Echoing Sand Dune.
The best time to have a tour there is evening due to the hot sun during the daytime. Moreover, it’s necessary to bring a pair of glasses and first-aid kits for sandstorm.



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