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  Dunhuang Simulated Shazhou City of Song Dynasty

Brief / profile
Dunhuang Simulated Shazhou City of Song dynasty is well-known as the museum of southern architecture and art and also the largest film shooting base in the west.

This scenic spot is located in the desert in Qili Bridge Town, Jiuquan, Gansu Province and 20 kilometers west of Dunhuang City.

The city boasts a large scale covering an area of 100,000 square meters. Its wall is built with mud. In this city, there’re 3 gates namely east gate, west gate and south gate. In addition, it has 5 blocks standing for Bianliang, Gaochang, Ganzhou and so on. A yamun is also a part of the city.

Dunhuang Simulated Shazhou City of Song dynasty was invested by Japanese. Later, it was designed By Chinese to shoot the movie Dunhuang. After this movie, this place becomes a famous scenic spot.








Admission fee.
The admission fee for this attraction is RMB 30.

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