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  Yangguan Pass

Brief / profile
As a vital western pass in the Western Han Dynasty, Yangguan Pass is both a historic interest and a hometown of sweet grapes.


This pass stands in Nanhu Village along the Hexi Corridor and 70 km southwest of Dunhuang City, Gansu Province.

Why got its this name

Since it lies to the south of Yumenguan Pass-another important pass in the past and “Yang” means south in Chinese, hence it was called Yangguan Pass.


After years of erosion by wind and sand, the pass is declined to be 3.a broken beacon tower which measures 15.4 feet high and 8.7 yards wide. To the south of the pass is a “Curio Beach” which is a small valley with numerous tiles, weapons and coins from several dynasties.








Function or value in the past
Yangguan Pass was built to resist the invasion of other ethnic minorities and develop the western region in the past.

Yangguan Pass was originally constructed by Emperor Wu in the Western Han Dynasty. During the Tang Dynasty, the renowned Buddhist monk Xuan Zang landed here after his pilgrimage to the west in search of Buddhist sutras and returned to Chang’an (currently called Xian) from India. At that time, Yangguan Pass was of great importance. However, since the Silk Road declined in the Song and Ming Dynasties, the pass was almost forgotten.
Admission fee.
The admission fee is RMB 20 for this resort.


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