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  Three Immortals Buddhist Caves

Brief / profile
Three Immortals Buddhist Caves are mysterious caves on a cliff with no plants. It’s out of the question for people to reach without climbing equipment.


It is located 18 kilometer away from the north of Kshgar.

The caves consist of 3 caves: West Cave, Middle Cave and East Cave with rectangular entrance. With the length of 2 meters and width of 1 meter, each cave has a large front chamber and a small rear chamber and the latter one is half the size of the previous one. In the East Cave, most of the murals exist. Besides, no original mural is in the West Cave and Middle Cave owing to the reconstruction in the Qing Dynasty.


The history of the caves can be traced back to the Han Dynasty. They belong to the earliest Buddhist caves in western China and perhaps 300 or 400 years older than Mogao Caves.








Legend and Story
A legend about the caves goes like this. A long time ago, a king had a little pretty princess who was very weak. One day, a fortune-teller told the king the princess would survive if she wasn’t stung by bees during 100 days. However, this place owns so many fruits that it’s very hard to avoid bees. Therefore, the king decided to make a cave on the mountain; moreover, the workmen decorated and painted the caves. Tragically, the princess was stung on the 99th day and died at last. The paintings left from then on.

Admission fee.

The admission fee is RMB 50.


It’s open to the public from 8:00 to 17:00 and the best time to visit here is August and September. We do advise you to visit it from a distance since it’s a dangerous place to reach.



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