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Geography of Wuwei
As an important section of the Silk Road in the past, Wuwei is located in the east of the Hexi Corridor of Gansu Province, China. It has become a hot scenic spot these years due to its long history, rich cultural heritage and unique natural sceneries.

Area of Wuwei: It covers an area of 33,000 square kilometers.

Wuwei History
Once named Liangzhou, Wuwei boasts a very long history. The people settled here 5,000 years ago. It was also an important part of the Silk Road. In 121 BC, Emperor Wu in the Han Dynasty sent his army to defend the Hexi Corridor. After successfully defeating the Huns, he expanded the corridor to the west. Its importance as a stop along the Silk Road was thus enhanced.

Climate and Weather of Wuwei
The climate here is temperate and semi-arid with the annual average temperature of 7.8 °C. January is
the coldest month with the average temperature of -8.7 C while July is the hottest with the average temperature of 21.9 C.








Population of Wuwei
Wuwei owns a population of 1.93 million with urban population of 509,600.

Race of Wuwei
Besides, there’re also several nationalities populated here including Han, Hui, Mongol, Tujia etc.

Wuwei Top Attractions
As an ancient town, it’s blessed with a large number of cultural relics. Among them, the Leitai Han Dynasty Tomb is the place unearthed the Bronze Galloping Horse which is the Symbol of China’s Tourism. Besides, the Confucian Temple is also worth visiting.

Wuwei Transportation
Wuwei is a vital hub for business and transportation due to its central location between Lanzhou, Xining and Yinchuan. Therefore, many main railroads and domestic highways pass through Wuwei. Tourists should not worry about this.

Wuwei Local Products Shopping
As for the local products, Xiliang beer, Mogao dry-red (white) grape wines, Liangzhou Huangtai wine series and Yunxiao fumigating vinegar are especially popular in the area and appraised as “the famous provincial make”. Moreover, the Magao ice grape wine has been used in the Nation’s banquets.

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