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  Sangke Prairie

Brief / profile
Famous for its good pasture and frequent Buddhist ceremonies, the Sangke Prairie is a vast expanse of fertile grassland surrounded by mountains on its 4 sides. For visitors, it’s an ideal place to experience the nomadic life and return to the nature.

This prairie is situated 10 kilometers west of Xiahe County, Gansu Province.

Why got its this name
It got this name due to the blossoming sangke flowers which form a natural carpet in summer.
In 1987, Sangke Prairie opened the tourism project with strong Tibetan flavor.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery.

In summer, the prairie presents the appealing beauty to you since the grasses turn green and various flowers are in full blossom. You must be reluctant to leave here due to the tranquil environment and natural beauty. It’s really another world away from the hustling cities.








Tourists can take a tour by bike or on horseback, which will give you a much different experience.

When traveling here, you should respect the habits of local people.

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