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  Giant Buddha Temple

Brief / profile
As the masterpiece of the Zhangye, the Giant Buddha Temple is the largest architectural relic in Gansu Province.

It’s located in the southwest of the Zhangye city in Gansu Province.


The existing structures consist of the Giant Buddha Hall, the Scripture Tower and a Clay Pagoda. Covering an area of 1,770 square meters, the 2-story Giant Buddha Hall is 33 meters high, 49 meters wide and 24 meters long. The center of the hall stands the gold-plated and painted Giant Buddha which is 34.5 meters long and 7.5 meters wide. Among its 2 shoulders, there’re 4-meter feet and 2-meter ears. 10 disciples are behind the Buddha and 18 Saintly Warriors stand in the 2 side halls. Looking around the hall, you can see the walls with colorful murals depicting episodes of the Mountain-sea Sutra and Journey to the West.
The Scripture Tower owns over 6,000 tomes of lectures and some of the collections written with gold and silver powder are very precious.
The last part of this temple is the 13-story Clay Pagoda which is one of the Five Elements Pagodas in Zhangye. There’re 4 miniature pagodas on 1st and 2nd stories, which is a unique feature.








This temple was constructed in 1098. During its 900-year history, it has been restored for many times in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Legend and Story

It is said that the Bieji Queen (a famous queen of the Yuan Dynasty) gave birth to Kublai Khan in the Giant Buddha Temple in the past. Another story is about an Italian traveler Marco Polo. He lived in this temple for over one year since he was attracted by its splendid structure and the prosperous Zhangye.

Admission fee.

The admission fee for this scenic spot is RMB 41.


It’s open to the public from 7:30 to 17:30 and the suggested time for this visit is one hour. Thus, we advise you to arrange your time wisely according to these.


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